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Medical Gas Manifold


The medical gas manifold is a device that high-pressure gas from cylinders can be decompressed through the manifold before supply for patients. It includes oxygen manifold, carbon dioxide manifold, nitrous oxide manifold, nitrogen manifold, etc. They are all used for gas adjustment and supply. 

Gas manifold, also called gas cylinder manifold, is focused on gas complement and supply.

Several cylinders gas is connected by valves and tubes to the manifold so that the cylinders can be inflated at the same time. Or after pressure reduced and regulated, the gas is transmitted by the pipeline to the specialized equipment of a hospital. This can ensure the pressure of gas resource is stable and adjustable, and continuous gas supply.

Medical gas manifolds are easy to install with other medical gas systems, such as oxygen generator, the gas outlet, and the medical air compressor.     

Medical gas manifolds include LCD display medical automatic manifold, semi automatic gas manifold system and LED automatic solenoid medical gas manifold. They can meet a variety of needs of the medical gas system. 

Automatic Manifold Specifications

LED Display full automatic manifold

Closed box without interference

Stainless steel diaphragm reducer, better to control flow

With alarm system and remote alarming

Open design to meet requirements for expansion in future

Sustainable supply and control circuit when the power failure

Input: 15Mpa, output: 200m3/h,0.4-0.8Mpa

Input/output signal: 4–20mA, 485bus communication

Wall or floor mounts available

100% pressure test, safe and reliable

Automatic Manifold Installation Layout 

medical  gas manifold

Post time: Jul-07-2022